Quite old and especially outdated..

Cryptography was one of my Wahlfachs. I still find it a fascinating field, I like because of both the interesting mathematics and the very concrete applications.

I followed the curses given by Ueli Maurer, and I think that if you have the possibility they are the best thing to get into the field. Look at what his research group does.

Otherwise, some interesting reads are: Neal Köblitz, Algebraic aspects of Cryptography, and Kahn, the codebreakers.

I think that the consequences of cryptography should interest everybody, and we have to be vigilant to see that technology goes where we want. In particular the protection of the privacy and the copyright protection are two themes that can have important consequences for our society.

I have written some easy articles about this topic, some in English or German in VAMP the journal of mathematics and physics students at the ETHZ, unfortunately it seems that those are not available online.

I wrote some things in Italian for some teaching I did in a high school though:

Ho scritto questi articoli per una supplenza di informatica che ho fatto al liceo:


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