When listing some of my books here I was wondering which link to put to them. There are amazon, and google books, but while useful they are a bit commercial, I was not too sure about endorsing them. Finally, I decided to use either wikipedia or Librarything links, and at the same time to begin using it to catalogue my books.

Initially to reciprocate to the kindness of Suor Francesca I looked into how to catalogue the library they have at the catacombs of St. Priscilla. I evaluated several options, and applications. In the end Librarything looked like the best option. It is also available in italian (and many other languages), and there are several applications to help cataloguing.

Cataloguing old or rare books is a bit annoying, and bringing over a catalogue done in excel, but missing isbn was not really possible without consulting the books. Still, I think it could be a good work to do next time I am in Rome.


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