I like to read, books, and sites… Here I comment on books and articles I read.

Some interesting places are:

  • Kottke

    An interesting blog, that can act as a good starting point for many interesting articles.

  • Techdirt

    An excellent source of news for legal/ethical implications technology.

  • D-Language

    D is a nice and efficient language (think a rethought C++). I worked quite a bit with the old D1 language (and tango), and followed an student for a Google summer of code project using D2.

  • Qt

    Qt is an open source, cross platform development kit in C++. I worked on it, and on Qt-Creator.

  • Nomad

    The NOMAD Center of Excellence where I am currently working on the analytics and archive infrastructure

  • Megatokyo

    A webcomic I follow since a long time...

Banker to the Poor

A book by Muhammad Yunus and Alan Jolis on the life of M. Yunus and microcredit.


When listing some of my books here I was wondering which link to put to them. There are amazon, and google books, but while useful they are a bit commercial,...