NOMAD Archive CoE Team

Peoples that worked on the NOMAD Archive in the NOMAD Center of Excellence


Alfonso Sastre
Alfonso Sastre (FHI)
Ankit Kariryaa
Ankit Kariryaa (FHI)
Arvid Irig
Arvid Irig (FHI)
Fawzi Mohamed
Fawzi Mohamed (FHI)
Yazid Hamdi
Yazid Hamdi (FHI)

Parser Developers

Adam Fekete
Adam Fekete (KCL)
Adriel Dominiguez
Adriel Dominiguez (MPSD)
Aliaksei Mazheika
Aliaksei Mazheika (FHI)
Andrea Droghetti
Andrea Droghetti (MPSD)
Arvid Irig
Arvid Irig (FHI)
Ask Hjorth Larsen
Ask Hjorth Larsen (MPSD)
Berk Onat
Berk Onat (Warwick)
Carl Poelking
Carl Poelking (CAM)
Daria Tomecka
Daria Tomecka (FHI)
Fawzi Mohamed
Fawzi Mohamed (FHI)
Franz Knuth
Franz Knuth (FHI)
Henning Glawe
Henning Glawe (MPSD)
Honghui Shang
Honghui Shang (FHI)
Lauri Himannen
Lauri Himannen (AALTO)
Lorenzo Pardini
Lorenzo Pardini (HUB)
Martina Stella
Martina Stella (KCL)
Massimo Riello
Massimo Riello (KCL)
Micael Olivera
Micael Olivera (MPSD)
Mikkel Strange
Mikkel Strange (DTU)
Rosendo Valero
Rosendo Valero (UB)
Sami K. Kivisto
Sami K. Kivisto (AALTO)
Sebastián Aelsarcón Villaseca
Sebastián Aelsarcón Villaseca (FHI)
Wael Chibiani
Wael Chibiani (FHI)


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