After 3 years the NOMAD Center of Exellence officially finished. There was lots of good work so it is a good moment to look at good things coming out of its development, that I was involved in. I call these NOMAD Gems.

Here are some resources describing the infrastructure, who worked on it and the experience we gathered.

The posts with the tag nomad are also related to it.

Container Manager

Description of a flexible platform to start user associated containers providing a service.


Description of our experience with Docker and Kubernetes as basis of our infrastructure.


Description of the deployment procedure.


Description of the entry point for all services: the frontend.


Description of the global identifiers we use in NOMAD.

NOMAD Meta Info

NOMAD wanted to make data produced by others available for big data analysis. The NOMAD meta info is a cornerstone in our approach to achieve this. It is an ...


An important aspect of a language used for Big Data is the ability to identify data.