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Comments revisited..

Why? I think that an important part of keeping the nice things of the internet, is to have small free spaces, and avoid bringing everything under the control...

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Meta Info Tools

The meta info was at the hearth of the NOMAD Archive, as a way to make the data available. The NOMAD meta info is an extensible language independent and form...

Looking for a Job

After NOMAD and a well deserved break (the first one since I finished my Diploma), just after our holidays in Greece I am starting again to look for a job.

Now with comments

I have added support for comments to this site! I enjoy comments on a website, and think they can really contribute to it. I am not sure it is still possible...

python 3.7.3 install on debian jessie

Things like conda make setting up complex python projects simpler, but create a whole parallel world. Sometime you want to just fix the current OS, and at mo...

Phd of my brother Akram

Today I went to Geneva to participate in the discussion of my brother Akram. It was nice to also meet both Semir and my Mother.

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Nomad Kick-Off

My presentation for Work Package 1 at the Kick-off meeting of NOMAD

Nomad Repository

One of the first very short internal presentations on the NOMAD Meta Info and Repository I did

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Artificial Life and the likes

An old draft of my thoughts on artificial life and evolution, most of this is in my thoughts on philosophy, and the book reviews of Rachels and John Mainard ...

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Criptazione Liceo

Punti sparsi di una lezione che ho dato al liceo sulla criptografia Privacy alcuni punti riguardo alla protezione della privacy e alla crittografia Motivazio...

Merkle’s puzzles

Crittografia Crittografia a chiave pubblica Idea -> lucchetto (chiave pubblica, privata)

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