Curriculum Vitae



Birthday 9.9.1976
civil status   married with two children
nationality Swiss/Tunisian
languages Italian, French, German and English


9.9.1976birth in Sorengo (TI)
1982-1991obligatory schools in Ticino
1991-1995Liceo Lugano 2 (type C, scientific)
10.1995-10.19971. & 2. Vordiplom at ETH Zürich in physics
10.1997-4.2000changed to Rechnengestüzte Wissenschaften with Vertifungfach theoretical physics, propedeutische ergenzende Prüfungen, Teil A and Teil B.
4.2000-10.2000Diplomarbeit with Prof. Blatter and Prof. Troyer
10.2000Diplom im Rechnergestützten Wissenschaften der ETH Zürich
11.2000-8.2001Worked at the Uptime Object Factory at an object oriented communication protocol (Objective-C/Java).
11.2001-2006 PhD. at the ETH Zürich with Professor M. Parrinello, on DFT MD simulation, connected with the development of the open source DFT package CP2K/ Quickstep written in Fortran 90. Teached course on C++.
18.10.2006 passed PhD. Exam at ETH Zürich
3.2006-2007 scholarship as a researcher at the Scuola Normale di Pisa, during which he teaches the laboratory for computational chemistry.
2007-2008 moved to Berlin, first contacts with the group of Prof. Sauer.
2.2008-2.2009 Alexander von Humboldt scholarship as researcher at Humboldt University in the group of Prof. Sauer.
2.2009-4.2011 Post-Doc at Humboldt University in the group of Prof. Sauer.
5.2011-7.2012 Senior Software Developer at Nokia: Qt Creator, QML code model, Zeroconf setup, gdb debugger support, embedded testing.
8.2012-9.2014Senior Software Developer Digia Plc: Qt Creator, QML code model, iOS support.
9.2014-4.2015Qt Creator, Qml code model, iOS support, Finite state machine.
4.2015-4.2019Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Plank-Gesellschaft: NOMAD.

Other interests

I was president of the student association of mathematics and physics students at the ETHZ (VMP), apart from mathematics and physics and programming I like reading, moutainbiking, friends,...